SensLog: solution for static as well as mobile sensors and VGI



SensLog is written in Java programming language. Running as web application in Tomcat Servlet Container.


Jersey RESTful Web Services framework is an open source framework for developing RESTful Web Services in Java.

PostgreSQL + PostGIS

A powerful, open source object-relational database system used for data storage together with spatial database extender for supporting geometry data.


Modern mapping framework used for visualization of sensor data.


Most important features of SensLog
Adaptability Modularity Scalability Simple Usability

Core data model is based on the OGC Observations &Measrurements standard and extended by alerts, group management, and improved by mechanism of partitioning. Data model is designed as extensible from very beginning.
Scalability is provided by dockerization of provided modules.
Interfaces are developed as system of RESTful web services. Each service is adjusted to only a few purposes which resulted in minimizing useless data transfer. Responses are straightforward and self-describing.
Output data can be encoded in several exchange formats. Mainly JSON, GeoJSON or CSV formats are used.

  • Data model
  • Dockerization
  • RESTfull web services
  • Variable exchange formats


Nahraný obrázek

Karel Charvat

Project leader
Nahraný obrázek

Michal Kepka

Nahraný obrázek

Marek Musil

Hardware specialist
Nahraný obrázek

Marek Splichal

GUI developer
Nahraný obrázek

Karel Charvat, jr.

Telemetry module developer
Nahraný obrázek

Raitis Bērziņš

GUI developer
Nahraný obrázek

Ondřej Kaas



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