SensLog is web-based sensor data management system. SensLog is a solution that is suitable for static in-situ monitoring devices as well as for mobile devices with live tracking ability.

General tasks of SensLog can be summarized in following points:

  1. Receiving measured data (observations) either directly from sensor device or indirectly from any Front-End Elements;
  2. Storing sensor data in SensLog data model implemented in RDBMS;
  3. Pre-processing data for easier querying if necessary, and/or analysing stored data;
  4. Publishing data through system of web-services to other Front-End Elements, or to other applications.

SensLog provides system of web-services with JSON encoding or provides standardized services using core methods of the OGC SOS version 1.0.0. The latest version of REST API is following CRUD schema.

Static sensors case

The main task of SensLog in case of scenario “usage of static sensors” is to receive observations either from deployed sensors or from gateway from sensor network. Position of sensor is given in each observation or it is given one time and can be determined by other methods. A measuring unit (node) with number of additional connected sensors is used very often in this scenario.

Mobile sensors case

The main task of SensLog for mobile devices is to determine positions of each device on the Earth in real time. Positions of the device is in most cases determined by some GNSS chip. Observed positions are primarily accepted directly from mobile devices, stored to RDBMS and processed to continuous trajectory of the device. Mobile devices can be equipped with any number of additional sensors e.g.; temperature, light conditions, the state of the wearer units (for human e.g. cardiac pressure, for automobiles e.g. tire pressure etc.). These observations from additional sensors are being processed as same sensors observations from static sensors but are bound to positions where they were observed. Data from additional sensors can be publish by same proprietary API in JSON format or can be published data in standardized form.

SensLog 2.0

New version of SensLog was designed during the year 2017 and developed during 2018. SensLog 2.0 was completely redesigned with emphasize on higher scalability and with orientation on deployment in the cloud. The new version is written in JAVA 8 with utilization of Spring framework and last versions of dependency libraries.


SensLog is Open Source software provided under BSD licence.